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Data Mining: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications

Author : Wendy Witte

Subject : Data Mining

ISBN :9781632405692

Data mining is a branch of computer science. It has a wide scope as it integrates principles from diverse fields such as artificial intelligence, statistics, etc. It uses sophisticated algorithms and methods

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Business Intelligence for Business Development

Author : Wendy Witte

Subject : Numerical Analysis

ISBN :9781632400925

This book aims to help specialists in the field of informatics, with preoccupations in development of Business Intelligence systems, and to the beneficiaries of the same systems, comprising an essential

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Data Mining: Advanced Concepts and Techniques

Author : Wendy Witte

Subject : Computer and Information Science

ISBN :9781647264093

Data mining is a process which deals with discovering patterns in large data sets. It incorporates approaches from machine learning, statistics and database systems. Data mining is a subfield of computer

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