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Company Clanrye International, operator of the Clanrye International Books, not processed, does not share or used for marketing purposes of data transmitted Members of the Clanrye International.

At Clanrye International is a technique used "cookies". A cookie is a small file with information stored by the server's Clanrye International on your computer. This information server's Clanrye International may be read during a single connection to the site Clanrye International from this computer. Using the techniques of 'cookies' does not allow for downloading of any personal data and address, or any confidential information from his computer. 

At Clanrye International technique "cookies" to specify a profile of information available to the user is interested. Upon closing your browser, the cookie is automatically deleted from your computer.

Data obtained in the analysis of server logs such as IP address and domain name are used only for viewing the statistics page Clanrye International, and the administration server's Clanrye International.

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