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Sociology: A Global Scenario

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ISBN :   9781632404695
Publisher :   Clanrye International
Language :   English
Category :   Social Sciences
Publication Year :   2015
Price :  USD 159.95
Format :  Hardback

Description : 

Sociology is basically described as the analysis of the development, structure as well as functioning of the human society. This book provides a broader overview of sociology presenting the readers with a virtual journey through its realms. Topics covered in the book focus on the often overlooked aspects of sociology such as religious participation, education, zoological collections, food education etc. Also, topics of major concern like climate change, multiple modernities, organizational fraud, labor relations etc. have been covered in this book. It presents intriguing viewpoints and unique perspectives towards sociology to allow the readers to critically analyze the realities and trends which their social worlds incessantly create for them.

Author/Editor : 

Charles Hughes