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Media and Mass Communication in a Digital Age

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ISBN :   9781632407191
Publisher :   Clanrye International
Language :   English
Category :   Media and Communication Studies
Publication Year :   2018
Price :  USD 152.95
Format :  Hardback

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The advancement of science and technology has facilitated rapid progress of varied fields. Media and mass communication is one significant field which has majorly benefitted from the innovation in technology. Mass communication directly impacts the behavior and opinion of the people. Advertising, journalism, broadcasting and public relations are some of the sub-fields of mass communication. The objective of this book is to give a general view of the different areas of this field, and its applications. It includes some of the vital pieces of work being conducted across the world, on various topics related to mass communication. This book is a complete source of knowledge on the present status of this important field.

Author/Editor : 

Alley Webster