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Communication Technologies: Theory and Practice

By : Akira Hanako

Description : This book on communication technologies discusses topics related to the implementation of software and hardware for communication and information sharing practices. Communicatio... more

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Films and Media: A Global Outlook

By : Nyles Lind

Description : This book on films and media discusses the aesthetic and cultural values that are embodied in the art of film. The medium of the cinema reflects contemporary tastes, attitudes a... more

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Journalism and Mass Communication

By : Cassandra Young

Description : The topics included in this book on journalism and mass communication are of utmost significance and are bound to provide incredible insights to readers. Collecting data and pre... more

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Media and Mass Communication

By : Wade Baxter

Description : This book on media and mass communication discusses the recent technical developments that have affected media portrayal, media transmission methods and media consumption techno... more

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Dynamics of Mass Media and Communication

By : Sam Raleigh

Description : Mass communication refers to the flow of information via mass media. The aim of such communication is to pass on significant information at the same time to people across the gl... more

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Media and Communication: Techniques and Technologies

By : Alley Webster

Description : Information is efficiently transmitted to the masses via the media. The general public relies on mass media to provide news regarding political, economic and social issues. Medi... more

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Media and Mass Communication in a Digital Age

By : Alley Webster

Description : The advancement of science and technology has facilitated rapid progress of varied fields. Media and mass communication is one significant field which has majorly benefitted fro... more

Results 1 - 7 of 7