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Catalysis: Science and Engineering

By : Ross Beckett

Description : The rate of increase caused to a chemical reaction through the addition of another substance is known as catalysis. This book discusses the principles of the process of catalysi... more

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Civil, Structural and Constructional Engineering

By : Armando Ruiz

Description : The fundamentals as well as modern approaches in the field of civil engineering have been discussed in this book. Structural and constructional engineering are important sub-fie... more

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Control and Automation: Devices, Systems and Engineering Applications

By : Marques Vang

Description : The ever-growing need of advanced technology is the reason that has fueled the research in the field of control and automation in recent times. This book is a compilation of cha... more

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Control Systems: Theory and Applications

By : Chester Mann

Description : Control systems are devices that follow basic to complex protocol in order to control other devices or systems. This book on control systems deals with the complex set of advanc... more

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Electric Power Systems: Analysis and Design

By : Marko Silver

Description : Electric power systems are highly effective ways to transmit electrical energy for public and private use. The grid is the most popular form of electric power system which can b... more

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Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Concepts and Applications

By : Jeremy Giamatti

Description : Electrical engineering is a field that studies the principles and applications of electricity and the technology that has been developed around it. This book elucidates new tech... more

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Electrical Engineering: Principles and Practice

By : Jeremy Giamatti

Description : Electrical engineering involves the analysis and use of electromagnetism, electronics and electricity. The objective of this book is to explain the principles and practices util... more

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Industrial Communications and Networks

By : Sharon Garner

Description : Wireless communications are the primary means of industrial communications. They facilitate faster and accurate communication as well as transfer of data for varied purposes. Th... more

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Industrial Engineering and Production Management

By : Courtney Hoover

Description : Industrial Engineering is a vast field of study. It involves the optimization of various complex process associated with industrial output. Production management is a sub-set of... more

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Mechanical Engineering: Principles and Practices

By : Rene Sava

Description : The aim of this book is to present researches that have transformed the discipline of mechanical engineering and aided its advancement. This discipline studies the applications ... more

Results 1 - 10 of 328