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Classroom Management and Learning Technologies

By : Orion Gutierrez

Description : Classroom management refers to the protocols that must be followed in the teaching and learning process that ensures a healthy and safe environment for attaining education. This... more

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Classroom Management: Strategies for Teaching

By : Orion Gutierrez

Description : Classroom management is the process by which teachers and educational administrators manage and practice teaching techniques. This book on classroom management discusses the fun... more

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Curriculum Development: Principles and Practices

By : Enzo Archer

Description : This book on curriculum development discusses topics related to the design and development of student educational processes and material. Curriculum development consists of vari... more

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Educational Planning and Management

By : Jayson Bird

Description : Educational planning can be defined as the creation of policies and programs that promote and facilitate training, acquiring of skill, research and study in educational institut... more

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Educational Research: Current Perspectives

By : Peter Holmes

Description : Student learning techniques, classroom management, teacher training, etc. are all varied yet significant aspects of educational research. This field contributes significantly to... more

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Educational Technology

By : Jovan Dahl

Description : Educational technology refers to technology that facilitates the process of learning and acquiring skill. This book on educational technology discusses the major aspects of tech... more

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Instructional Technology and Teacher Training

By : Calton Reed

Description : Teacher training outlines policies and plans that help prospective teachers acquire knowledge and skill. It also deals with the management of classrooms and the effective transm... more

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International and Professional Education

By : Brennan McNally

Description : International education can be defined as the interaction and involvement of students and teachers in the learning process that is not restricted to physical boundaries. This bo... more

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Modern Linguistics

By : Gail Benson

Description : This book is about modern linguistics, which encompasses work in the areas of historical linguistics, computational linguistics, development linguistics, etc. Modern linguistics... more

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Distance Learning and Educational Technology

By : Charlie Carson

Description : This book on distance learning and educational technology deals with the technical, academic and specialized development of e-learning technologies in correlation to distance an... more

Results 1 - 10 of 21