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Business Marketing: Concepts and Strategies

By : Kenneth Cliffe

Description : Concepts and strategies of business marketing have been highlighted in this book. Business marketing deals with the process of selling products or services. This selling can occ... more

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E-commerce: Business Models and Service Management

By : Anthony Rocus

Description : E-commerce is a relatively nascent yet swiftly expanding field of study. It is concerned with trading via computer networks, primarily internet. The aim of this book is to prese... more

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Entrepreneurship Management

By : Ralph Borsella

Description : Entrepreneurship management can be defined as the application of entrepreneurial knowledge for the management of small and medium sized businesses. This book on entrepreneurship... more

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International Finance and Banking

By : Rupert Fry

Description : As the field of banking and finance is emerging at a rapid pace, the contents of this book will help the readers understand the fundamental as well as modern concepts and applic... more

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Leadership Management

By : Kade Sebastian

Description : Leadership is an essential skill for managers across the globe. It helps organisations achieve their goals by the effective management of people and other resources. This book c... more

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Managing Supply Chain: A Logistics Approach

By : Porter Dolan

Description : Supply chains are a visualization of the movement of goods from producer to consumer. This book on managing supply chains discusses the various components that comprise supply c... more

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Manufacturing Planning and Logistics Management

By : Bruce Robinson

Description : Manufacturing is related to the processing of raw materials into a consumable product. Logistics is concerned with the distribution of such consumable products to the end consum... more

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Manufacturing Technology and Production Management

By : Jeff Hansen

Description : This book on manufacturing technology and production management deals with the processes that determine how products are to be manufactured. Various kinds of production processe... more

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Organizational Management

By : Bert Sawford

Description : Organizational management is an emerging field of study. It is concerned with organizing and utilizing the diverse resources of an organisation to achieve a defined goal. This i... more

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Strategic Management for Business

By : Bert Sawford

Description : Strategic management involves decision making by assessing available resources. Strategic management also defines organizational goal along with designing the plans to achieve t... more

Results 1 - 10 of 130