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Sustainable Cities: A Guide to Urban Planning

By : Julian Custer

Description : Urban planning refers to the process of development of the land and infrastructure of a place. It also includes development of transportation, distribution networks, communicati... more

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The Essence of Globalization

By : Gabriel Lucas

Description : Globalization has been a catalyst in making trade flow freely in the worldwide market. It has played a major role in enabling companies to spread their roots in many under-devel... more

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The Science of Ballistics

By : Osmond Lynch

Description : Ballistics deals with the mechanics of projectiles. A primary aspect of study under this field are bullets. It delves into the launch, effects and behavior of bullets. The desig... more

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Theories and Principles of Social Science

By : Kimberly Mills

Description : Social science is a vast field of study. It is primarily concerned with the in-depth study of the society. It branches out into multiple sub-disciplines such as political scienc... more

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Theory and Practice of Psychology

By : Charles Freeman

Description : Psychology refers to the study of the human mind. It is concerned with functioning of human psyche and how a person reacts when subjected to different circumstances. Essentially... more

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Understanding Mythology

By : Warren Gittes

Description : Human beings have always communicated through stories, be it in the form of pictures drawn in the caves or folk tales passed onto the younger generations. Myths originated as a ... more

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Urban Studies: Growth and Development

By : Dominque Craft

Description : Urban studies is an interdisciplinary subject that seeks to evaluate and examine economic, ecological and social processes that constitute the modern city. The primary concern o... more

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Urban Transportation: Planning and Management

By : Stuart Carey

Description : The study and practice of using planning and management elements in transportation in order to develop and grow the urban environment and urban cities is known as urban transpor... more

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World Architecture: A Modern Review

By : Drew Morgan

Description : Architecture is the study and practice of designing, planning and building infrastructure, consisting of buildings, bridges, landscapes, etc. The different sub-parts of this vas... more

Results 71 - 79 of 79