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Green Politics: A Modern Approach

By : Joan Bradley

Description : The political approach based on the practice of social justice, environmentalism, non-violence and grassroot democracy is known as green politics. Its main aim is to build a soc... more

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International Relations and Policies

By : Robert Barker

Description : Many of the policies and trade laws in any country are formulated after examining the international situation. It has become inevitable for countries worldwide to focus on the l... more

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Political Science: From Theory to Practice

By : Brad Jameson

Description : Political science is mainly concerned with understanding and analyzing of political thoughts and ideologies. It also studies the relationship shared between countries, their pol... more

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Principles of Sociology

By : Thomas Spence

Description : Sociology studies the behavior of individuals and of society as a whole. It helps in understanding cultural phenomena. Sociology plays a critical role in developing plans and po... more

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Psychology: Contemporary Perspectives

By : Charles Freeman

Description : Psychology is the study of the human behavior at the conscious and unconscious level. It refers to the deep research pertaining to the mind and thought of humans. It mainly focu... more

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Public Administration: Management and Policies in the Public Sector

By : Zach Jacob

Description : Public administration studies and manages government policies and programmes that are issued in public interest. The main branches of the academic discipline of public administr... more

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Recent Trends in Social and Behavior Science

By : Chayma Hamdani

Description : Social science is an umbrella discipline integrating principles from political science, psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, etc. to study in detail the dynamics of t... more

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Social and Cultural Anthropology

By : Marcos Parrish

Description : Cultural and social anthropology studies culture and its relation to human beings. Culture can be defined as a set of values and customs that impart collective knowledge and ide... more

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Social Science: An Interdisciplinary Approach

By : Joshua Scott

Description : Social science studies the relation between society and individuals. It tries to explain the influence of society on individuals and vice versa. Researchers use both quantitativ... more

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Sociology in a Changing World

By : Thomas Spence

Description : Sociology is an interesting discipline that deals with the study of the origins, development, growth, networks and other varied aspects of the society. It includes topics like r... more

Results 61 - 70 of 79