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Art and Architecture: Theory, Design and Practice

By : Toby Dermot

Description : Architecture is the practice of designing and constructing buildings. Aesthetics plays an important part in the design of buildings. Various aspects of design and construction w... more

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Behavioral Psychology: Understanding Human Behavior

By : Tom Eccleston

Description : Behavioral psychology is the scientific study of the behavior exhibited by humans. The behavior is mostly observed in reaction to specific situations. Behavioral psychology inte... more

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Child Psychology

By : Harry Winkler

Description : Child psychology refers to the study of the change happening in the human brain. It is an intricate subject that deals with the development and growth of children, infants and, ... more

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Cognitive Science: Philosophy of Mind

By : Ernest Simmonds

Description : Cognitive science refers to the study and analysis of the various processes which a mind performs. It examines the behavioral and intelligence characteristics present in the bra... more

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Conflict Resolution: Theory and Practice

By : Geoff Dyer

Description : Conflict resolution is the process of peacefully resolving any conflict by sharing information, understanding the cause of the conflict and diplomatic negotiation. Conflicts can... more

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Contemporary Urban Planning

By : Nicholas Torrens

Description : Urban planning studies the methods of improving land use and helps in constructing a sustainable urban environment. The main goal of this subject is to meet the demands of the c... more

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Culture and Society: International Perspectives

By : Joshua Scott

Description : A society is referred to a large group of people who often share the same geographical territory and are engaged in social interaction on a daily basis. Culture consists of many... more

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Cybercrime and Digital Forensics

By : Jason Wayne

Description : As the use of Internet is rapidly growing from the past few years, so is the rate of crime related to it. Today cybercrime has become one of the most threatening crimes in the w... more

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Foreign Relations and Policies of China

By : Ellis Anderson

Description : China has emerged as a leading country when it comes to trade and power. It has successfully kept diplomatic ties with all the other major super powers in the world like USA, Ru... more

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Global Political Science

By : Grace Paisley

Description : The political activities, thoughts and behavior of nations is studied under the field of global political science. It is essentially a social science and branches out into sub-f... more

Results 51 - 60 of 79