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Creative Education

By : Peter Holmes

Description : Creative education refers to classroom practices that seek to engage students in a dynamic and invigorating manner, keeping teaching relevant for changing educational needs. Ped... more

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Curriculum and Pedagogy in Teaching and Learning

By : Kellan Sparks

Description : Teaching and learning are a set of principles that promote effective knowledge sharing and its acquisition by students. Learning is a cognitive practice that requires proper org... more

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Educational and Developmental Psychology: A Strategic Approach

By : Daphne Hopkins

Description : The branch of psychology which studies the behavior of an individual and the process of human learning is known as educational psychology. This field studies the cognitive as we... more

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Educational Theory and Practice

By : Hank Cathcart

Description : Educational theory focuses on the policies and practices of education. It is an umbrella term which covers all aspects related to education and curriculum development. Some of t... more

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Innovations in Higher Education

By : Enzo Archer

Description : Higher education is the advanced stage of formal learning. Universities, colleges, vocational schools, institutes of technology, etc. offer specifically designed courses for hig... more

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Instructional Theory, Concepts and Techniques in Education

By : Charlie Carson

Description : Education plays a key role in the development of an individual and society. Higher education is the advanced stage of formal learning often taught in schools. Higher education c... more

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Principles of Educational Leadership

By : Jayson Bird

Description : Educational leadership is a fast growing field. It plays an important role in the transformation of society, and helps in making a substantial difference in the process of learn... more

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Strategies for Teaching and Engaging Students: An Educational Perspective

By : Charlie Carson

Description : The process of learning and obtaining knowledge is known as education. It can be obtained formally or informally. Education is classified into phases such as kindergarten, prima... more

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Teaching English Language: Theory and Practice

By : Sophie Morris

Description : English as a second language refers to the use of English by individuals who speak a different native language. English language teaching courses provide comprehension into Engl... more

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Teaching with Technology: Interactive Learning Programs

By : Eliza Greene

Description : Teaching with technology can help in the performance and facilitate the process of understanding in students. It helps students in interacting with other students and teachers. ... more

Results 11 - 20 of 21