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Software Engineering: Concepts, Analysis and Applications

By : Cheryl Jollymore

Description : Software engineering is the study of the conceptualization, design, development and maintenance of software. It covers sub-disciplines like software testing, configuration manag... more

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Wireless Sensor Networks

By : Kevin Merriman

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the field of wireless sensor networks. It traces the progress of this field and highlights some of its key concepts and applicatio... more

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Telecommunications and Network Engineering

By : Kevin Merriman

Description : Telecommunications engineering is mainly concerned with the design and development of telecommunications equipment, electronic switching systems, terrestrial radio link systems,... more

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Essentials of Fluid Dynamics

By : Haley Adison

Description : Fluid dynamics is the branch of fluid mechanics that studies the flow of fluids. It is further divided into hydrodynamics which studies the liquids in motion and aerodynamics wh... more

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Data Mining: Analysis, Algorithms and Applications

By : Wendy Witte

Description : Data mining is a branch of computer science. It has a wide scope as it integrates principles from diverse fields such as artificial intelligence, statistics, etc. It uses sophis... more

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Contemporary Artificial Intelligence

By : Mitch Hoppe

Description : Artificial intelligence is the field of computer science that is concerned with creation and design of software and machines exhibiting intelligence as in case of human beings. ... more

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Computational Methods in Science and Engineering

By : Jen Blackwood

Description : Computational methods are concerned with the development of simulations and models often accompanied by high-performance computing technologies. Simulations have become an essen... more

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Communications and Computer Networks

By : Akira Hanako

Description : Communications and computer networks refer to a network of telecommunication which enables different computers and computerized peripherals to interconnect via a wire or wireles... more

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Communication Network Systems and Security

By : Pascal Formann

Description : Communication network systems refer to the collection of various transmission networks, data terminal equipment (DTE), communication networks and tributary stations, etc. which ... more

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Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks

By : Timothy Kolaya

Description : This book discusses the topic of wireless ad-hoc networks with the help of state-of-the-art information. A wireless ad-hoc network can be defined as a wireless network set up wi... more

Results 11 - 20 of 166