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Acoustic Waves Handbook

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ISBN :   9781632400123
Publisher :   Clanrye International
Language :   English
Category :   Engineering and Technology
Publication Year :   2015
Price :  USD 144.95
Format :  Hardback

Description : 

In this book, acoustic waves have been described comprehensively. The concept of acoustic wave is an extensive one; it materializes in a variety of mediums, from solids to plasmas, and at varying length and time scales which range from sub-micrometric layers in microdevices to seismic waves in the Sun's interior. This book discusses various approaches of the active research going on in this field. Theoretical attempts lead to a comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon. Such waves are useful in exploring the characteristics of a variety of structures, be it inorganic layers or other bio-structures. These waves can also function as a tool to influence matter, from the gentle evaporation of bio-molecules to be evaluated, to the phase conversions inferred by intense shock waves. Furthermore, a whole class of widespread micro tools, inclusive of filters and sensors, depends upon the behavior of these waves propagating in fine layers.

Author/Editor : 

Sonny Lin