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Theory and Practice of Investment Management

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ISBN :   9781632406439
Publisher :   Clanrye International
Language :   English
Category :   Business, Management and Economics
Publication Year :   2018
Price :  USD 154.95
Format :  Hardback

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Investment management can be defined as the management of stocks, shares and securities of a company or a financial group in such a way that they achieve the fixed targets as well as the profit margins for investors. This book contains some path-breaking studies in the field of investment management. Topics included in it highlight the significant growth seen in this sector and in the field of asset management and their expertise in the efficient handling of money as well as valuation of present and future assets. Flexibility in dealing with market situations as well as the tendency of investment is a key aspect in this field. This book provides significant information of this discipline to help develop a good understanding of investment management and its related fields. It will help the readers in keeping pace with the rapid changes in this field.

Author/Editor : 

Perry Stinson