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Advances in Oil and Gas Industry

By : Jane Urry

Description : This book discusses the latest advances in the field of oil and gas industry. Oil and gas are the most crucial non-renewable sources of energy. The tasks of producing, managing ... more

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Advances in Photodetectors

By : Kate Brown

Description : This book describes recent developments in enhancement of photodetectors and photodetection systems for particular applications. It includes elucidations of nine distinct types ... more

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Advances in Population Research

By : Luke Chesterton

Description : This book explains upcoming aspects of population growth. It has been written by qualified and professional authors. This book seeks to explore the problems, reasons, and the im... more

9781632400550 t fc

Advances in Power Quality

By : Jeremy Giamatti

Description : The interaction between electrical power and electrical equipment is commonly known as power quality. It is an essential parameter of fitness of electricity networks. With expan... more

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Advances in Wireless Mesh Networks

By : Timothy Kolaya

Description : The latest advances in the field of wireless mesh networks have been described in this profound book. It presents an insight into current developments related to new design tech... more

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Aerospace Engineering

By : Ted Dunham

Description : This book delves into the advanced concepts of Aerospace Engineering, especially the design and construction as well as the study of the science and technology behind the physic... more

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Aerospace Engineering Handbook

By : Ted Dunham

Description : In this book on aerospace engineering, each chapter includes an extensive review of literature as well as current techniques and concepts. This book has been compiled by an outs... more

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Aerospace Engineering: Design, Concepts and Applications

By : Ted Dunham

Description : This book elucidates the concepts and innovative models around prospective developments with respect to aerospace engineering. It strives to provide a fair idea about this disci... more

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Agent-Based Technology: Functions and Applied Principles

By : Ike Gibbs

Description : This book provides state-of-the-art information regarding the functions and applied principles of agent-based technology. Agent-based technology facilitates a novel computing st... more

9781632406460 t fc

An Integrated Approach to Artificial Intelligence

By : Mick Benson

Description : One of the definitive leaps in the progress of science and technology in the past few decades has been the development of machines which exhibit intelligence. This intelligence ... more

Results 51 - 60 of 740