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Teaching English Language: Theory and Practice

By : Sophie Morris

Description : English as a second language refers to the use of English by individuals who speak a different native language. English language teaching courses provide comprehension into Engl... more

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Teaching with Technology: Interactive Learning Programs

By : Eliza Greene

Description : Teaching with technology can help in the performance and facilitate the process of understanding in students. It helps students in interacting with other students and teachers. ... more

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Technology and Applied Principles of Heat Transfer

By : Nathan Rice

Description : Heat transfer is fundamentally described as the energy in transit due to temperature difference. Heat transfer calculations in various facets of engineering applications are sig... more

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Telecommunication Networks Handbook

By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : This handbook provides a descriptive examination of telecommunications networks. It elucidates the basics of fast developing networks as well as the advanced concepts and future... more

9781632404831 t fc

Telecommunication Networks: Present and Future Scenario

By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : A descriptive account on telecommunications networks has been presented in this profound book. It elucidates the basics of fast developing networks as well as the advanced conce... more

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Telecommunications and Network Engineering

By : Kevin Merriman

Description : Telecommunications engineering is mainly concerned with the design and development of telecommunications equipment, electronic switching systems, terrestrial radio link systems,... more

9781632405975 t fc

Telecommunications Engineering: Networks and Architecture

By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : Telecommunications engineering studies the development of networks that are used for communication between separate groups. Technological innovations in this field, both in term... more

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Textile Dyeing

By : John Tegmeyer

Description : The textile industry all over the world is expanding. The coloration of threads and materials via dyeing is an essential part of textile production. This book is a compilation o... more

9781632404855 t fc

Textile Dyeing: Green Measures

By : John Tegmeyer

Description : This profound book describes the importance of adopting green measures to the field of textile dying, elucidating an eco-friendly approach. Researchers and scientists from acros... more

9781632404862 t fc

Textile Effluent Treatment

By : Victor Bonn

Description : This book covers various aspects related to the treatment of textile effluents. The management of textile wet processing effluent to meet severe legislative regulations is a com... more

Results 1 - 10 of 38