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Occupational Health and Safety Handbook

By : Alfred Scott

Description : Occupational health and safety management deals with the security and well-being of persons at their worksite. The main aim of this subject is to promote a place of work which i... more

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Operations Design and Management

By : Finn Miller

Description : Operations management is concerned with the management and planning of the production of goods in organizations. The main purpose of operations management is to manage the proce... more

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Optical Coherence Tomography

By : Steven Gray

Description : This book presents the state-of-the-art information regarding optical coherence tomography. Optical coherence tomography (OCT) is an imaging technique providing high-resolution ... more

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Optical Communication

By : Vladimir Latinovic

Description : Optical communication has a significant presence in the telecommunications and data networking sectors. Optical communication is an essential part of telecommunication systems, ... more

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Optical Fiber Communication Systems

By : Marko Silver

Description : This book is an important resource elaborating recent developments achieved in fiber communications systems. It consists of a compilation of research works on the essential tech... more

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Optics for Engineers

By : Jason Penn

Description : Optics is the branch of physics that studies the properties of light and its interaction with matter. It also involves design and construction of instruments required for studyi... more

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Optics: Ultrashort and Ultraintense Laser Science

By : Kristie Ames

Description : Optics is generally defined as the scientific study of sight and the behavior of light, or the properties of transmission and deflection of other forms of radiation. The power o... more

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Optoelectronics Handbook

By : Rodney Lappin

Description : Optoelectronics is intertwined with photonics. The book focuses on the study and function of electronic tools that release, identify and control light. As a field of study, it h... more

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Optoelectronics: Modern Developments

By : Rodney Lappin

Description : This book discusses the advanced concepts in the field of optoelectronics. Optoelectronics focuses on the study and function of electronic tools that release, identify and contr... more

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Organizational Management

By : Bert Sawford

Description : Organizational management is an emerging field of study. It is concerned with organizing and utilizing the diverse resources of an organisation to achieve a defined goal. This i... more

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