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Machine Vision and its Applications

By : Martha Lesley

Description : This book provides insights on the past, present and future of machine vision. It also delves into the questions of man vs. machine and economic changes that can be brought abou... more

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Machine Vision: Technology and Applications

By : Alexander Toker

Description : Vision plays a significant role for human beings by permitting them to communicate with their surroundings in an effective and efficient way. The major aim of machine vision is ... more

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Managerial Economics and Finance

By : Swena Lesley

Description : Economics is the art of understanding the market by studying the demand, supply, production, distribution and marketing of products and services. Financial studies are the backb... more

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Managing Supply Chain: A Logistics Approach

By : Porter Dolan

Description : Supply chains are a visualization of the movement of goods from producer to consumer. This book on managing supply chains discusses the various components that comprise supply c... more

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Manufacturing Engineering

By : Jeff Hansen

Description : Manufacturing engineering involves planning, designing, and packaging i.e. conversion of raw materials into a finished products. This field aids the manufacturing processes and ... more

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Manufacturing Planning and Logistics Management

By : Bruce Robinson

Description : Manufacturing is related to the processing of raw materials into a consumable product. Logistics is concerned with the distribution of such consumable products to the end consum... more

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Manufacturing Process Management

By : Michelle Vine

Description : This book on manufacturing process management discusses the entire cycle of the manufacturing process. This includes the conversion of raw materials to the finished commodity. T... more

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Manufacturing System Advances

By : Jeff Hansen

Description : This book discusses current advances, devices, methods and novel ideas in manufacturing systems. It consists of equipment, products, people, knowledge, control and support funct... more

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Manufacturing Technology and Production Management

By : Jeff Hansen

Description : This book on manufacturing technology and production management deals with the processes that determine how products are to be manufactured. Various kinds of production processe... more

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Mass Transfer: Numerical Analysis with Measurements

By : Preston Runner

Description : In this book, experts provide recent developments in scientific findings and technologies, and introduce new theoretical models concerning mass transfer for sustainable energy a... more

Results 1 - 10 of 58