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Game Theory: The Scientific Discipline

By : Julian Cass

Description : This book brings forth novel insights and unique perspectives to the various theories and possibilities of the intriguing subject of game theory. Assessing the situation, applyi... more

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Gasification: Diverse Aspects and Applications

By : Kevin Elmer

Description : The diverse aspects as well as applications of gasification are explained in this elucidative book. Many books have been written on gasification but the applications and usage o... more

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Genetic Algorithms: Practical Applications

By : Sam Jones

Description : The aim of this book is to present state-of-the-art information regarding the practical applications of genetic algorithms. It discusses latest issues and provides insights into... more

9781632405326 t fc

Geographic Information Science and Systems

By : Marina De Lima

Description : Geographic information science is a field of research that redefines geographic information by studying data and using different computational techniques. It gathers, interprets... more

9781632405586 t fc

Geographic Information Systems: Design, Technology and Applications

By : Marina De Lima

Description : Geographic information systems are designed for the purpose of mapping any physical location on earth. They are designed to store, capture, analyze and present different forms o... more

9781632402493 t fc

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

By : Margaret Ziegler

Description : This book presents a comprehensive overview on the historical advances and current state of global navigation satellite systems. Nowadays, satellite navigation presents handy su... more

9781632407276 t fc

Global Political Science

By : Grace Paisley

Description : The political activities, thoughts and behavior of nations is studied under the field of global political science. It is essentially a social science and branches out into sub-f... more

9781632402509 t fc

Global Research in Nuclear Reactor Technology

By : Matt Fulcher

Description : This book aims to explain the latest research and technological advances in the field of nuclear reactors. The main topics covered in the book include thermal stratification in ... more

9781632402516 t fc

Globalization: Modern Case Studies

By : Donna Tapoi

Description : Globalization is an important factor contributing to the world's active economy. This book presents some vibrant and dynamic terminology being associated with globalization. The... more

9781632402523 t fc

Graph Theory: Researches and Applications

By : Jen Blackwood

Description : Graph theory is considered to be a crucial analysis tool in computer science and mathematics. Due to the built-in simplicity of graph theory, it can be employed to model several... more

Results 1 - 10 of 11