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Robotics: Current Advances and Future Prospects

By : Rowland Wilson

Description : This book is an attempt to collate the data available on the multifaceted field of study of robotics and the complexities of what makes a robot what it is. The book explores the... more

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Recent Progress in Biometrics

By : Jose Mabry

Description : State-of-the-art information regarding the advances in biometrics has been elucidated in this all-inclusive book. Over the past few years, biometrics has evolved to acquire the ... more

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Recent Advances in Video Surveillance

By : Elizabeth Robins

Description : This book explains the growing importance of video surveillance. Surveillance cameras are present at nearly all places streaming thousands of hours of video. But a major issue o... more

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Protocols and Procedures of Cryptography and Network Security

By : Stephen Mason

Description : This book provides an overview on various methodologies and procedures of cryptography. In the times of escalating worldwide development of electronic data storage and communica... more

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Progress in Character Recognition

By : Dennis Rankin

Description : This book discusses the progress in character recognition with the help of descriptive information. It offers insight into the developments in character recognition, and it disc... more

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Progress and Applications of Mobile Computing

By : Adam Houle

Description : Mobile Computing is an umbrella term used to refer to various devices that enable people to access information and data from anywhere. This book gives directions on how mobile s... more

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Principal Component Analysis Handbook

By : Rebecca Cross

Description : This book on Principal component analysis (PCA) is a significant contribution to the field of data analysis. PCA involves a statistical procedure which orthogonally transforms a... more

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Principal Component Analysis

By : Rebecca Cross

Description : The aim of this book is to enhance knowledge of scientists, engineers and researchers regarding the advantages of principal component analysis in data analysis. Principal compon... more

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Petri Nets and Manufacturing Systems

By : Ruth Hinrichs

Description : This book concentrates on the applications of Petri Nets in manufacturing. Petri Nets are graphical and mathematical tools, and the synchronism of executed actions is the natura... more

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Numerical Simulation: Theory and Analysis

By : Gregory Rago

Description : This book encompasses the fundamentals as well as contemporary developments of numerical simulation associated with fluid dynamics in the natural environment and scientific appl... more

Results 31 - 40 of 166