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By : Ralph Borsella

Description : Entrepreneurship refers to the process of establishing, organizing or designing a new firm or business which offers goods, services or processes. It is also described as the cap... more

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Educational Technology and Knowledge Engineering

By : Anthony White

Description : This book covers in detail some existent theories and innovative concepts revolving around educational technology and knowledge engineering. It explores all the important aspect... more

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Educational Research: Analysis and Applications

By : Charlie Carson

Description : Educational research is mainly focused on finding a solution of an already existing problem. It is a multidisciplinary field that includes anthropology, philosophy, sociology an... more

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Educational and Developmental Psychology

By : Daphne Hopkins

Description : This book provides comprehensive insights into the field of educational and development psychology. As the world is growing rapidly with new technological advances, the field of... more

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Business Management: Modern Approaches

By : Rupert Fry

Description : Business management is a dynamic field with plausible applications in multiple areas. A business can be a firm, an entity or an agency providing consumers with a product or serv... more

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Urban Development

By : Chayma Hamdani

Description : Urban planning plays a significant role in the development of nations. Cities are rising as never before and these days, it is assumed that at least 50% of the world's populatio... more

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Total Quality Management and Six Sigma

By : Stacy Escobar

Description : This book comprehensively discusses the concept of total quality management and six sigma. Survival in an ambitious and modern environment requires the organizations to cautious... more

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Time Management

By : Rupert Paul

Description : Time management is an essential aspect of life. This book elucidates the concept of time management with the help of comprehensive information. Time management is essential for ... more

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Sustenance and Development of Tourism Industry

By : Donald Peterson

Description : Tourism has evolved as a self-sustaining industry around the globe with a huge turnover. We have been witnessing huge competition among the organizations in the business world. ... more

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Supply Chain Management

By : Bruce Robinson

Description : Over the past few years supply chain administration has moved on from warehouse and logistics to strategic management. Integrating conjectures and researches of supply chain adm... more

Results 31 - 40 of 130