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Mathematical Modeling: Analysis and Methodologies

By : Andrew Clegg

Description : Mathematical models use mathematical tools to describe the performance and behavior of a system. They can be of different forms like statistical models, game theoretic models, d... more

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Mechanical Engineering: Design, Theory and Methodologies

By : Michelle Vine

Description : Mechanical engineering deals with the design and manufacture of machines. This book on mechanical engineering deals with the latest concepts and theories of machine design and m... more

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Mobile Communications: Technology and Applications

By : Adam Houle

Description : Mobile communications systems use computer and telecommunication networks to facilitate mobile telephony. Networks that are designed for mobile phones operate through a cell sit... more

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Modelling, Simulation and Design Optimization

By : Garrett Taylor

Description : This book on modeling, simulation and design optimization deals with the latest technologies used in the creation, visualization and analysis of a design. Computer software and ... more

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Modern Manufacturing: Materials and Processes

By : Jeff Hansen

Description : Management is a vast field of study. It involves an array of activities such as formulating strategy, setting goals, administration, reporting, etc. Management can be applied to... more

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Modern Sensor Systems: Design and Applications

By : Bob Tucker

Description : The objects used to detect changes in the environment are known as sensors. They transfer the observed data to an electronic device. In modern times, the use of sensors has incr... more

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Multimedia Systems and Digital Processing

By : Susan Gibbs

Description : The technology of the world changed considerably after the advancement of multimedia. Today, we can text, call, send a video, chat, etc. to anyone from any part of the world bec... more

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Nanotechnology: Nanoparticles and Nanostructures

By : Hector Lamb

Description : Nanotechnology is a new and advanced scientific and engineering study which deals with manipulation of matter of atomic, supramolecular, and molecular level. Nanotechnology furt... more

Results 321 - 328 of 328