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Automotive Engineering: An Introduction

By : Vincent Parese

Description : The study and practice of designing, constructing, manufacturing and operating automobiles is known as automotive engineering. It is a sub-field of vehicle engineering. It is ba... more

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Chemical Process Engineering: Beyond the Basics

By : Benedict Walsh

Description : Chemical process engineering deals with the designing and optimization of chemical manufacturing systems. It is concerned with the design and construction of manufacturing syste... more

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Civil Engineering: Construction Planning and Management

By : Jim Griffiths

Description : Civil engineering is an interdisciplinary field concerned with the planning, construction and management of built environment. Construction planning and management refers to the... more

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Construction Science and Materials

By : Armando Ruiz

Description : Construction science and materials deals with the designing, planning and construction of buildings, roads, canals, tunnels etc. It is important to select the right materials to... more

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Control Systems: Design and Engineering

By : Ashley Potter

Description : In recent years, control systems have come to play an important role in the development and in the progress of technology. Control systems help in the management and in the regu... more

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Drinking Water: Distribution, Treatment and Management

By : Herbert Lotus

Description : Water that is safe to drink or to use in the preparation of food is known as drinking water. It is essential for the existence of life. Polluted water can result in infections s... more

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Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Principles, Technologies and Applications

By : John Fenmore

Description : The branch of engineering which focuses on the practical use of electricity, and studies the designing and maintenance of electrical devices is known as electrical engineering. ... more

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Electrical Engineering: Systems, Devices and Applications

By : Max Kirby

Description : Electrical engineering falls under the vast field of engineering. It is referred to as application of the models of electromagnetism, electricity and electronics, to understand ... more

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Engineering Materials: Design, Properties and Fabrication

By : Sally Renwick

Description : Engineering materials is the study of the manufacture of new materials that provide solutions to a variety of problems. This field is a synthesis of various other scientific bra... more

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Handbook of Process Control and Instrumentation (Chemical Engineering)

By : Lawrence Daley

Description : Chemical processes are a crucial part of chemical engineering. They refer to naturally and artificially changing one or many chemical compounds. Process control of chemical proc... more

Results 311 - 320 of 328