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Wavelet Theory: Developments and Applications

By : Victor Nason

Description : Wavelets are functions fulfilling certain mathematical requirements and used in representing data or other functions. The application of wavelet transformation to examine the be... more

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Virtual Reality: A Broader Perspective of Human-Computer Synergy

By : Josh Creel

Description : Virtual reality has been a major influence in the development of information organization and management. Furthermore, it has also changed the process of designing information s... more

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Video Compression Demystified

By : Elizabeth Robins

Description : This book aims to educate readers about the process of video compression using advanced researches and information. Video compression has significantly advanced as a field. Howe... more

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Video Coding for Emerging Multimedia Services

By : Anna Sanders

Description : This book presents an in-depth study of video coding and elucidates its applications. It targets to bring together latest developments and applications of video coding. This boo... more

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Theory, Concepts and Methods of Recurrent Neural Networks and Soft Computing

By : Jeremy Rogerson

Description : Advanced information regarding the theory, concepts and applications of recurrent neural networks and the field of soft computing has been highlighted in this elaborative book. ... more

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Telecommunication Networks: Present and Future Scenario

By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : A descriptive account on telecommunications networks has been presented in this profound book. It elucidates the basics of fast developing networks as well as the advanced conce... more

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Telecommunication Networks Handbook

By : Bernhard Ekman

Description : This handbook provides a descriptive examination of telecommunications networks. It elucidates the basics of fast developing networks as well as the advanced concepts and future... more

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Swarm Intelligence: Theory and Applied Principles

By : Mitch Hoppe

Description : Swarm Intelligence is the field of research related to the study of emergent cumulative intelligence of self-organized and decentralized elementary agents. It is based on social... more

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Study of Self-Organizing Maps

By : Jeremy Rogerson

Description : This book presents analysis and applications of self-organizing maps in various domains. The self-organizing map, first explained by Finnish scientist Teuvo Kohonen, can be used... more

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Simulated Annealing: Issues and Concerns

By : Brian Maxwell

Description : A comprehensive account based on the issues and concerns related to the field of Simulated Annealing has been illustrated in this book. Simulated annealing is a probabilistic me... more

Results 21 - 30 of 166