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Data Structures and Algorithms in Computer Science

By : Joe Oswald

Description : Data structure refers to the assimilation of data in a way so that it can be used efficiently. The important types of data structures are the record, the array, the table, the f... more

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Essentials of Software Engineering

By : Theodore Hammond

Description : Software engineering refers to the process of applying engineering principles to develop software in a systematic method. It includes developing, designing, researching, operati... more

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Information Management: Systems and Processes

By : Aiden Black

Description : Information is a valuable asset for all organizations. Its management involves planning, controlling, organizing, evaluating, of all information that flows in an organization. T... more

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Information Systems: Principles and Practices

By : Reuben Hammond

Description : Information systems are used for the collection and storage of information. Some examples of information systems are enterprise resource planning, data warehouses, geographic in... more

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Introduction to Computer Networking

By : Gerald Davies

Description : Computer networks are a fundamental part of computer science. It enables computing devices with networks to share information with each other by using data links. The most commo... more

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Modern Cryptography and Computational Number Theory

By : Megan Cosgrove

Description : The process of securing communication and encoding all types of electronic and computer communication is known as cryptography. It is used to secure information from the third p... more

Results 161 - 166 of 166