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Advanced Developments and Researches in Multimedia

By : Anna Sanders

Description : This book deals with advanced developments as well as researches in the field of multimedia. As multimedia has evolved into a significant technology, vastly bettering people's l... more

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Advanced Data Mining

By : Mick Benson

Description : This book consists of advanced information regarding data mining and their applications. It offers to aid data miners, researchers, scholars, and PhD students who aspire to prac... more

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Advanced Concepts in Image Segmentation

By : Niceto Salazar

Description : Image segmentation and its advanced concepts are highlighted in this book. The area of digital image segmentation is constantly developing. Currently, the developed segmentation... more

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An Integrated Approach to Artificial Intelligence

By : Mick Benson

Description : One of the definitive leaps in the progress of science and technology in the past few decades has been the development of machines which exhibit intelligence. This intelligence ... more

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An Interdisciplinary Approach to Computer Science and Technology

By : Tom Halt

Description : Computer science is a fast growing field and has occupied an important place in today’s time. The subject of computer science studies the theories and experiments used in buildi... more

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Computational and Mathematical Modeling

By : Paul Cooper

Description : Mathematical modeling uses mathematical models to represent ideas derived from the real world in order to make computable and analyzable data. Models can be divided according to... more

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Computational Fluid Mechanics

By : Fay McGuire

Description : Computational fluid mechanics studies the properties of fluids by using numerical and computational approaches. This book on computational fluid mechanics discusses the complexi... more

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Computational Neuroscience

By : Maurice Abbot

Description : Computational neuroscience studies the information processing properties of the different structures present in the human brain. It incorporates the theories like neural network... more

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Computer and Information Science: Advanced Principles and Practices

By : Fiona Hobbs

Description : Computer and information science is a field that has emerged by the integration of the principles of information science and computer science. The primary areas of concern of th... more

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Current Progress in Artificial Intelligence

By : Mick Benson

Description : The intelligence displayed by machines is known as artificial intelligence. It aims to advance the reasoning, processing and learning abilities of machines through statistical m... more

Results 151 - 160 of 166