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Modern Management: Concepts and Skills

By : Anne Gordon

Description : Management is a vast field of study. It involves an array of activities such as formulating strategy, setting goals, administration, reporting, etc. Management can be applied to... more

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Occupational Health and Safety Handbook

By : Alfred Scott

Description : Occupational health and safety management deals with the security and well-being of persons at their worksite. The main aim of this subject is to promote a place of work which i... more

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Operations Design and Management

By : Finn Miller

Description : Operations management is concerned with the management and planning of the production of goods in organizations. The main purpose of operations management is to manage the proce... more

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Principles of Management Science

By : Anne Gordon

Description : Management is an important aspect of running a business or any human organization. Management helps in strategically organizing the resources of an organization and utilizing th... more

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Production Planning and Manufacturing Management

By : Jeff Hansen

Description : Production planning and manufacturing management helps in the effective and efficient economical operations of an organization. Production planning particularly focuses on the d... more

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Service Marketing Management

By : Clifford Short

Description : As an essential part of marketing, service marketing deals with the different types of services provided by the firm to its customers. It is divided in two major areas namely, b... more

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Supply Chain Management: Warehousing, Logistics and Inventory Management

By : Chester Ward

Description : Supply chain management deals with the supervision and management of goods and services. It includes storage and transportation of raw materials, stock and finished products fro... more

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Supply Chain: Planning and Management

By : Chester Ward

Description : Supply chain management is the management of materials and goods as they move from the supplier to manufacturer to retailer and then finally to the end-consumer. It is mainly di... more

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Theory and Practice of Investment Management

By : Perry Stinson

Description : Investment management can be defined as the management of stocks, shares and securities of a company or a financial group in such a way that they achieve the fixed targets as we... more

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Tourism Development and Globalization

By : Donald Peterson

Description : Globalization refers to the expanded movement of goods, services, ideas, etc. to all parts of the globe. The phenomenon of globalization has impacted the tourism industry to a g... more

Results 121 - 130 of 130