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Entrepreneurship: International Perspectives

By : Ralph Borsella

Description : The entire array of activities that are concerned with conceptualizing and launching a new business, fall under the umbrella of entrepreneurship. Starting any new business requi... more

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Essentials of Organizational Behavior

By : Helen Stevenson

Description : Organizational behavior refers to the research and study of behavior of human beings in a structured setting of an organization. It also includes the study of the behavior of th... more

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Essentials of Stress Management

By : Aaron Goldenberg

Description : Stress management refers to the practice of controlling and managing personal and chronic stress. It includes different techniques and methods of stress control like transaction... more

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Financial Economics

By : Edward May

Description : Financial economics is the branch of economics which studies the financial decisions made under uncertain conditions. Decision theory in combination with microeconomics forms th... more

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Financial Management and Business Accounting

By : Terry Ness

Description : Financial study is a vital part of economics. It refers to the study of the assets and liabilities to determine risk and profit of any company or organization. It is further div... more

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Human Behavior: Improving Performance in the Workplace

By : Mark Sheeran

Description : The workforce of any business organization is known as human resource. They are an integral part of every business and contribute significantly towards achieving set goals. If m... more

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Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach

By : Liam Hopkins

Description : Human resource management is a vital part of business and commerce. It refers to the management of human resource, which includes employees, workers, wage laborers, etc. The mai... more

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International Tourism: A Modern Perspective

By : Johanna Muller

Description : Globalization has facilitated the rapid rise in tourism. It has become easier to cross national boundaries and travel across the globe. This is known as international tourism. T... more

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Introduction to Business Communications

By : Jake Dewey

Description : The practice of sharing information within or outside the organization for the benefit and profit of the organization is generally referred to as business communication. Some of... more

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Managerial Economics and Finance

By : Swena Lesley

Description : Economics is the art of understanding the market by studying the demand, supply, production, distribution and marketing of products and services. Financial studies are the backb... more

Results 111 - 120 of 130