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An Integrated Approach to E-Learning

By : Albert

Description : The term'E-Learning' was coined when electronics, with the personal computer, was well-known and internet was still at its infancy. It is now a flourishing term in schools, univ... more

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Distance Education and Learning

By : Albert

Description : Education is an essential for an individual's existence. This book, written by writers from different countries across five continents, is a compilation of global perspectives o... more

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E-Learning Handbook

By : Albert

Description : E-learning allows students to pace their studies as per their own obligations, making learning achievable to people who don't get enough spare time for learning, hence, they can... more

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E-Learning: Methods, Modules and Infrastructure

By : Albert

Description : Technology development, primarily for telecommunications and computer systems, played a key role in the interactivity and, thus, for the expansion of e-learning. This book gives... more

9781632401670 t fc

E-Learning: Methods, Tools and Advances

By : Albert

Description : This book provides an insight into the latest technological advancements in the fast emerging domain of E-learning. With the resources provided by communication technologies, E-... more

9781632401687 t fc

E-Learning: Technology, Training and Teaching

By : Albert

Description : Adaptive E-learning is advisable for students with unique profiles, specific interests, and from various areas of knowledge, so that profiles may be able to contemplate particul... more

9781632403773 t fc

New Frontiers in Distance Education

By : Albert

Description : This book elaborates the growing importance of education and contemporary solutions to make education accessible to most of the learners. Education has emerged as the primary co... more

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